Welcome to Hewson Landscape Inc.

Hewson Landscape Inc. is a New Jersey based Commercial Landscaping firm. We have been serving the landscape management needs of utility companies, commercial and industrial properties, and government and local municipalities since 1988. Our service area covers New Jersey, Southern New York, Eastern Pennsylvania and Central Connecticut.

Our current clients include water/gas/electric companies, state and federal government, environmental companies, and private sector corporations. 90% of our business is landscape related maintenance work consisting of right of way brush hogging, ground to sky tree trimming, mowing of grass areas at corporate headquarters, cutting solar fields, spraying non-selective herbicide around equipment stations, fence line weed abatement, pruning, mulch, and clean ups. Our installation services for these clients include hydroseeding, turf restoration, new lawn installation, tree shrub and perennial planting, installation of patios and sidewalks for employee break areas, light excavation and drainage correction, and landscape design.

Why Hewson Landscape for your New Jersey Area Commercial Landscaping Needs?

Safety is our number one priority. We conduct tailgate meetings prior to going on a jobsite to discuss the scope of work and potential hazards to watch out for. Safety meetings and training are also held at our shop. We are a member of ISNetworld, an online contractor management database, which is designed to meet internal and governmental record keeping and compliance requirements. ISN collects health and safety, procurement, quality and regulatory information, which helps in keeping us up to speed on everything related to safety. We also provide training and continuing education classes when the need for specific knowledge can further enhance the crew. For instance, we've held CPR training at our shop and enrolled in pesticide certification courses to stay compliant with our licenses.

That pretty much sums up what we can do for you. We are managed to turn on a dime. Inspector coming in two days and you need to get your site in top shape? YES, we can do it! Storm damage from a recent hurricane? We can do the cleanup.

From the inside office operation to out in the field, we are focused on production. Job specific equipment is utilized to reduce our labor burden. Office procedures are created and established to provide critical financial data to optimize company profits, reduce losses, and make informed decisions. We work smarter and harder. We are organized to execute.

Production. Safety. Experience.
Our team gets the job done the right way, the first time.

  • Commercial, Industrial & Municipal Landscape Management Services
  • Right of Way Brush Hog Mowing and Ground to Sky Side Trimming
  • Solar Field, Reservoir and Landfill Slope Mowing
  • Storm Clean Up
  • Tree Clearing, Tree Pruning, Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, Wood Chipping Service
  • Erosion Control, Drainage Correction, Slope Stabilization
  • Hydroseeding, Topsoil, Seed, Hay, Mulch
  • Weed Abatement, Vegetation Control, Pesticide Chemical Applications
  • Landscape Design and Installation
  • Tree, Shrub & Perennial Planting
  • Renovation of Existing Landscape, Light Excavation
  • Brick Paver Walkways, Patios, Decorative and Driveway Stone
  • And much more...
At Hewson Landscape, we handle all your NJ, Southern NY, Eastern PA and Central CT Commercial, Industrial, Municipal and Government Landscaping, Turf Care, Land Maintenance and Tree Service needs. Call us at 908-222-3616 or email us.
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